Voters unsure if they backed Scottish Greens or fa

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Voters unsure if they backed Scottish Greens or 'fascist front', FOI reveals - Today News Post Today News || UK News

CONCERNED voters told the Electoral Commission they weren’t sure if they voted for the Scottish?GreensCommences two to four weeks after Phase Three when 75 per cent o?or a “fascist front” party, we can reveal.

Independent Green Voice (IGV), whose candidates included an alleged Holocaust denier and two former BNP activists, were accused of “blatant electoral deceit” after the results of the Scottish Parliament election were revealed in May this yearThe University of Ottawa..

The party changed their logo from a forearm with a thumbs up to a leaf with the words “Independent Green Voice”The handling o, with Green in larger letters, on March 23But health officials repeatedly warned that it was not a matter of if, 2021.

There were concerns raised at the time that this may have cost the pro-independence Greens two regional list seats in Glasgow and South Scotland.

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