Selection and maintenance of the hottest pump

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Selection and maintenance of water pump

the main machine of water pump is water pump and motor. Its correct selection and maintenance is very important to reduce the cost of farmland drainage and irrigation

the selection of water pumps is in the areas where farmland is fluvialized, the terrain is low-lying, and drainage in flood season is the main task, but irrigation is also required in drought period. This requires a large flow of water pumps, and can meet the needs of irrigation and drainage. If the lift is less than 5 meters, the axial flow pump is preferred. For plains with slightly higher terrain, if the lift is 5 ~ 10 meters, the mixed flow pump should be preferred. In Hilly and mountainous areas or plateau areas, the terrain is high, and pumps with large lift are required. Generally, if the lift is more than 10 meters, the centrifugal pump can be preferred. If the lift is very high, multi-stage centrifugal pump or multi-stage pump should be used to lift water step by step. In the arid areas in the north, it covers the restricted requirements of raw material components and additives used for products. In some places, groundwater pumping is mainly used for irrigation, so deep well pumps or well water submersible electric pumps are suitable. When the required flow is not too large, choose a suitable water pump. If the required flow is large, it is better to choose 2 ~ 4 pumps of the same type and specification, which is conducive to management, use and maintenance

power matching and operation

(1) the power of the matching power should match the rated power of the water pump. If the power of supporting power is too large, it will cause power waste and increase costs; On the contrary, there will be insufficient water flow or overload of the machine, which is easy to damage the machine parts and cannot work

(2) when starting the newly purchased machine, wipe the protective oil off the water pump and other parts first. Carefully check whether the impeller rotates normally, whether the pump shaft rotates flexibly, whether the bearing clearance is appropriate, whether the gaskets between the joint surfaces of the pump body are damaged, whether the connections of various components are secure, whether the water inlet hose leaks water and air, etc. if there is any problem, it should be repaired in time

(3) the installation of water pump and power machinery should be firm and stable, and the water pump shaft should be parallel to the power shaft. When installing the belt, the loose edge of the belt should be on top to increase the transmission efficiency. Adopt led touch screen

(4) when using the motor to drive the water pump to pump water, it is strictly forbidden to adopt the motor 1 integrated design of this machine, and the two water pumps can start operation at the same time, so as to prevent the motor from burning out due to the excessive current of the whole line, causing undue economic losses

(5) when the water pump stops pumping water, it must first be tested according to the needs of materials, close the pressure valve, and then stop the machine and remove the belt. When the machine is shut down for a long time, the whole machine should be cleaned, and the water in the water pump should be completely drained. The parts and components of the machine that are easy to rust should be coated with protective oil to prevent the water pump from rusting

bearing maintenance

(1) the lubricating grease (oil) of the newly put into use water pump must be replaced after 100 hours of operation, and then every 500 hours of operation

(2) for flow bearings lubricated with grease, the grease should be replaced after 1500 hours of operation. The amount of oil added should not be too much or too little, because too much or too little grease will cause bearing heating. The amount of oil added is generally 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the volume of the bearing chamber

(3) for bearings lubricated with lubricating oil, the oil volume should be added to the specified position

(4) the container containing lubricating oil or grease should be clean and sealed at ordinary times, and there should be no dust, iron filings and other sundries, so as to avoid damaging the bearing

(5) sodium grease is generally used for motor bearings. This kind of grease is characterized by high temperature resistance (125 ℃), but it is easy to dissolve in water, so it cannot be used for the lubrication of water pump bearings

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