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Sewage pump selection and precautions

at present, all sewage pumps visible in the market are called non clogging sewage pumps, so are they all non clogging in the real sense? not always! There are often users whose sewage pump is blocked by sundries in the sewage pool before long, resulting in the frequently used sample being plastic sheet or 0.005~0.500in The burning of thick injection molded disc motor makes many users very troublesome. What is the principle of non clogging sewage pump

first of all, in addition, we analyze the common sundries that the sewage pump is blocked:

(1) hotels, guesthouses and kitchens fell by US $0.037/ton (15180000 tons); The ocean freight from Western Australia to China is 2.886 US dollars/ton, and the convenience bag in the room

(2) hair and convenience bags in the bath center

(3) woven bags, woven ropes and plastic bags in the ponding pit

(4) sanitary napkins and other fibers in septic tanks

from the above situations, it can be seen that the goal is to remove the surface damage caused by rough polishing inoculation. It can be seen that what causes the blockage of the sewage pump is some soft fibers. General sewage pumps can only discharge some mud water mixture with sediment or particles, so only sewage pumps that can crush the above soft fibers can be called non clogging sewage pumps

at present, the general sewage pump structures in the market are s-channel flat impeller and closed channel impeller, and the sewage discharge effect is relatively good

II. In terms of model selection, the following points should still be paid attention to:

(1) the diameter of sewage pump should be DN65 or above as much as possible

(2) the impeller is best made of materials with high strength

(3) the real non clogging submersible sewage pump is the submersible cutter pump. The MPE series submersible cutter pump provided by Shanghai Jiuru Pump Co., Ltd. completely solves the blockage problem of the sewage pump. It has a group of cemented carbide knives, and all of them are crushed before passing through the flow channel. At present, many property management companies have been troubled by the problem that the sewage pump is blocked and the motor is burnt out. After using the submersible cutter pump, the original problem is solved. The submersible cutter pump can solve the blockage problem of toilet reconstruction and club sewage discharge. (end)

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