The hottest raycop ruikafu mite remover ultraviole

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Raycop ruicafu mite remover ultraviolet mite removal sterilization mattress purification vacuum cleaner RS how to use the feeling

let me talk about how I use this RA to reduce the phenomenon of cracks at the same time ycop ruicafu mite remover feeling comments are as follows:

allergic dermatitis has been bothering me for many years, I hope this mite remover can be better. I can breathe out a lot of things every time, which makes people feel a sense of achievement. At the same time, I am surprised that I have been sleeping in a pile of germs. This machine is really not cheap. With the mentality of not giving up your money, you should use it every day Expand to view detailed evaluation

apply grease during installation

raycop ruicafu mite remover configuration parameters [View official quotation]

brand: raycop/ruicafu

model: zh-rs30003

working principle: ultraviolet

operation mode: Handheld

whether frequency conversion: non frequency conversion

body weight: 2kg (included) -5kg (excluded)

voltage: 220V

Color Classification: luxury 1 Connect the power cord. The third stage is 2026. (2) 030 version - Pearl White luxury version - Champagne Gold luxury version - purple powder

rated power: below 400W

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