The hottest raw materials soar, and the price of c

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Raw materials soar, negative material prices will rise

in June, the new energy vehicle market showed an obvious warming trend, and the industry heat picked up. Power battery enterprises gradually saw the dawn after paying attention to processes and talents for half a year, but the recent surge in cathode raw materials has brought a trace of hidden worries to the market

after several mountains of sharp rises in the prices of lithium carbonate, cobalt and copper foil, price reductions, and the lengthening of the "payment recovery" cycle (rising financial costs), the profit space of power battery enterprises has been reduced a lot, while the recent rise in the price of cathode raw materials may be another blow to lithium battery enterprises

although the negative electrode is currently very suitable for interior insulation in the soil covering of roofs, floors and basement walls, the price rise of materials has not yet started in a large area, some manufacturers have said that they will raise the price of products in the next batch of contracts, otherwise they will not be able to absorb the current sharp rise in the price of raw materials. It can be predicted that the price rise window of cathode materials is gradually approaching

the prices of other materials were relatively stable in July, and the prices of electrolyte and diaphragm decreased significantly

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