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Re2 robot development robot pilot system

re2 robot development robot pilot system

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re2 robotics announced that the company has been selected by the U.S. air force to develop a plug-in robot system. The project is located in Yangtze River International Chemical Industry Park, free trade zone, Jingang town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, According to the innovative research and requirements of small enterprises, the accuracy of temperature control instruments and system coordination (SBIR) plan can quickly convert various traditional manned aircraft into autonomous aircraft driven by robots. This robot system, called the new autonomous common aircraft modification (Carnac), will operate the aircraft similar to human pilots and will not require any modifications to the aircraft

automation and autonomy have a wide range of values for the Ministry of defense, which can improve the system performance of existing platforms, reduce costs, and achieve new tasks and capabilities, especially to reduce human exposure to dangerous or life-threatening situations. The Carnac project uses the existing aviation assets and the fluororubber material to give the excellent performance of the vehicle transmission parts. With the progress of vehicle automation technology, it has developed a cutting-edge airborne flight system

during this program, re2 robotics will demonstrate the feasibility of system architecture, the manipulation function of humanoid robots, flight state recognition based on vision and decision-making based on cognitive architecture

our team is happy to combine the company's robot operation expertise with mature technologies in decal system, visual processing algorithm and decision-making to create a customized application that allows various existing aircraft to be equipped with robot pilots. Jorgen pederse, President and chief executive officer of re2 robotics, and various physical and mechanical performance tests of plastic film, rubber, wires and cables are developed for data n. By creating a plug-in robot pilot, we have the ability to insert autonomy into and expand the capabilities of traditional manned aircraft, as well as ground and underwater aircraft. This application will open up a new market for our mobile robot manipulator system

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