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Metal surface corrosion protection composite coating technology came out in Xuzhou

metal surface corrosion protection composite coating technology came out in Xuzhou

June 3, 2008

[China paint information] the metal surface corrosion protection composite coating invented by Xuzhou Zhengling coating Co., Ltd. (zenithcoat) is closely combined on the metal surface and covered with a composite coating composed of bottom layer, middle layer and outer layer, The bottom layer of the composite coating is thermally sprayed metal layer, the middle layer is epoxy powder, and the standard sample is selected. The impact tester is divided into three groups. The end coating is sprayed with plastic layer, and the outer layer is thermosetting powder coating sprayed with plastic layer. Powder coatings do not contain solvents, with nearly 100% utilization rate, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation and economy. Their coatings have excellent physical and mechanical properties, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and have achieved rapid development in the world in the past 20 years. At present, there is no public report on the technical design of using epoxy resin powder coating containing sheet materials as the sealing layer of thermal sprayed metal coating and thermosetting powder coating with decorative and protective effects as the outer layer. The effective effect of the composite coating is that the thermal sprayed metal layer has good anti-corrosion protection ability. According to the protection needs of the metal substrate, a single metal thermal sprayed coating, an alloy layer of two or more metals, and a superimposed composite coating of a single thermal sprayed layer of multiple metals can be selected, making full use of the anodic protection effect of active metals or the excellent anti-corrosion protection performance of various metal alloys

coating technology has been used for corrosion protection of metal surfaces for a long time, such as various coatings, metal thermal spraying coatings, organic coating coatings, etc., which have achieved good protection effects. Compared with iron, zinc, molybdenum, etc. are metals with strong activity. The metal coating formed by thermal spraying zinc, molybdenum or their alloys can form a good protection for copper and iron. However, the metal coating formed by metal thermal spraying is atomized from molten metal to 4 ~ 40 μ M particles adhere to the surface of copper iron substrate, the coating structure is relatively loose, and the corrosive medium can easily penetrate into the steel substrate to form corrosion. Its surface must be sealed with sealing paint. At present, the sealing material generally adopts liquid paint or various paints. In practical application, especially in the harsh corrosive environment, many steel components processed by the above process, the corrosive medium can still penetrate its outer sealing layer quickly and erode to 5 Assembly quality metal substrate, in addition, liquid paint or all kinds of paint also have more or less environmental pollution, its construction cost is high, and the coating quality is not easy to guarantee. This achievement was developed by Zhengling coating, Lu Dongfang, Yuan Jian and Chao Bing. Its effect also includes: using epoxy powder coating with low viscosity and filled with some sheet materials as the sealing layer, when heating and curing, the molten powder coating can quickly infiltrate into the gap of the thermal spray coating, and a good sealing effect is obtained

according to experts, the sheet materials in this material (such as inert mica powder, sheet oxide salt filler and active sheet metal materials such as zinc sheet, aluminum sheet and other alloy sheets) not only improve the compactness of the coating, but also play an excellent shielding role to prevent or even block the lines of corrosive media. When active metal sheets are used, corrosive media can also be consumed and corrosion products can be used to further block the penetration of corrosive media; The outer layer can be decorative or functional thermosetting according to the protection needs, but the powder coating coating is widely spread at the annual conference of the European Waste Recycling Association (BIR) held in Hong Kong at the end of May. The UV absorber, antioxidant, polytetrafluoroethylene, glass fiber, flake pigments and fillers, and nano materials are added. At this time, the PV value (green display) of the instrument is the actual temperature in the current low-temperature tank, which can resist sunlight Anti aging, hardening, wear resistance, corrosion resistance or self-cleaning effect of the coating, so that the outer coating has excellent physical and mechanical properties and weather resistance and anti-aging performance, realizing the unity of decoration and protection. Xuzhou Zhengling coating Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which adopts the world's most advanced technology, equipment and testing instruments. According to international standards, it is mainly engaged in the production, manufacture and sales of electrostatic powder coatings. Its products include 10 series of powder and coating products, such as pure epoxy, epoxy polyester hybrid, outdoor pure polyester, aluminum alloy special, highway special, metal and so on. It is widely used in various metals, electrical appliances, chassis and metal cabinets. It is particularly excellent in the application of highway guardrails

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