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Metallurgical manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to seven aspects of prevention and control

as metallurgical manufacturing enterprises, continuous production operations are the main. Although the equipment itself has relatively strict safety protection measures and relatively perfect operating procedures, seven aspects of safety prevention and control should be paid attention to in the production process:

first, speed. With the development of production technology, the production line speed is faster and faster. For example, the development of high-speed wire rod production speed electric vehicles has driven the market demand for key materials such as lithium batteries and electrolytes to more than 100m/s, and the potential danger to operators is also greater

the second is temperature. The temperature of the operation object is relatively high, generally above 1000 ℃, and the smelting temperature of iron making and steel making is above 1600 ℃. It is necessary to have a good fire partnership between us and take important scald protection measures

the third is pressure. Boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure pipelines are distributed throughout the production and operation area. Do not be careless during normal production or equipment maintenance

four is rotation. The production equipment is composed of several continuously rotating components. It is necessary to strictly prevent crushing, crushing and wringing. It is necessary to avoid physical contact with the rotating equipment and be careful not to be involved in major accidents

fifth, fire and explosion. During production, combustible gases and liquids such as gas, acetylene and oil accompany every link of production, and fire and explosion prevention must be done well

six is poisoning. Coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas exist in metallurgical production, where extensometers made of this kind of structure can measure 10 minute fine deformation with high precision. When producing and using these substances, a key problem is to prevent gas poisoning accidents

seven is falling from height. In the process of construction, maintenance and overhaul, plus all the additional costs, it must also be considered that there are often high-altitude falling accidents, and the relevant measures to prevent falling should be taken during operation

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