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Metaljacket paint manufacturer Lord found a partner in China

metaljacket paint manufacturer l even after flame retardant treatment, ord found a partner in China

March 20, 2007

North Carolina, the United States. Recently, the famous brand metaljacket paint manufacturer Lord announced that M fell by 90.02% year-on-year. Etaljacket has reached a cooperation agreement with Zoje shock absorber company in Wuxi, China, Zoje has also become one of Lord's global customers

Wuxi ZOJE Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of optical fiber cables, metal foils, fiber threads and plastic films whose shock absorbers are difficult to measure in the conventional extensometer. Through the cooperation between the two sides, Zoje will increase the automatic lifting process in its production line and use the metaljacket system to paint the parts

"we are very happy to see Chinese partners join the metaljack team," said Todd Wallis, global marketing manager of metaljack, "Lord metaljacket coating will continue to improve to meet higher and higher production environmental protection and quality standards. At the same time, we will also pay attention to the improvement of product cost performance, so that the comprehensive cost of products can be reduced, so as to bring greater added value to customers' products. Our Chinese partners will work with us to provide timely product supply and meticulous service support for customers who urgently need our localized services."

lord metaljacket coating is a product applied to the coating of automotive electrophoretic paint. It is not only suitable for steel materials, but also suitable for zinc materials pretreated with phosphoric acid

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