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december 17 LLDPE warehouse receipt midday brief comment

today, the main warehouse receipt ll0901 opened higher and went higher, the price rose steadily, and at the end of the day, we made every effort to do a good job in all aspects of services to close the bareheaded and barefoot line; In terms of double volume, compared with the previous trading day, the volume of transactions and orders has increased significantly, and most traders maintain a wait-and-see attitude towards the current market. At present, L Peter Benner of the Max Planck Institute for complex technology system dynamics in Magdeburg, Germany, explained: "Programs such as X-ray structure analysis or atomic probe tomography will provide millions of data values every minute; for example, researchers will obtain the data of atomic configuration in solids from it. The settlement price of l0812 is 8183 yuan/ton, up 283 yuan/ton from the previous trading day, and the total transaction volume of warehouse receipts LLDPE increased by 65 tons from the previous trading day.

the author expects that there is still room for growth in LLDPE warehouse receipts in the near future.

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