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Metal packaging: recycling and reuse should be highlighted

Red Bull, JDB, Lulu many consumers are not unfamiliar with these drinks. However, we may not pay much attention to its outer packaging, and we don't understand the after-sales problem of these metal packaging wastes, which must be considered for recycling and reuse. In fact, the recycling of metal packaging is now becoming the main research direction of many people with lofty ideals. Data shows that there is a huge space for the development of safe and environmentally friendly metal packaging products in the future. How is the development of metal packaging in China? Compared with foreign countries, what are the shortcomings of China's metal packaging industry and how to solve them? Recently, this newspaper conducted an exclusive interview with Zhang Hong, Secretary General of the metal container committee of the China Packaging Federation, on these issues

metal packaging: huge market development prospects

China Economic Herald: what is the current development status of the metal packaging industry in China? What are the characteristics

Zhang Hong: in 2011, the total output value of the international packaging industry was about 592.2 billion US dollars, of which metal packaging was 1. As the world's leading supplier of chemical building materials, it was 20.2 billion US dollars, and metal packaging accounted for 17% of the entire international packaging industry. In the same period, the estimated output value of China's packaging industry was 862.5 billion yuan, of which the metal packaging industry was 69billion yuan, accounting for only 8% of the packaging industry. Metal packaging still has great room for development in the whole packaging industry chain

China's metal packaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become the second largest metal packaging country in the world. China's metal packaging industry has formed a complete metal packaging industrial system. Its main products can be divided into: printed iron, beverage cans (including two-piece beverage cans and three-piece beverage cans), food cans (ordinary food cans and milk powder cans), aerosol cans, chemical cans, miscellaneous cans, steel barrels and metal cap products (crown caps, unscrew caps, aluminum anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, easy to open caps, etc.), metal packaging product lines are rich, and the application field is very broad

metal packaging will be more popular in the market because of its unique environmental protection and green characteristics of reinforcement, decoration, natural degradation, easy recycling and 100% unlimited reuse. At present, China's metal packaging market shows a trend of supply exceeding demand, but from the analysis of per capita consumption, there is still much room for development

the per capita consumption of metal packaging in the world is 13.6 US dollars, while that in China is only 5 US dollars. At present, China's metal packaging is still in its infancy, and there is a large gap from the mature markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States. However, China's metal packaging industry still has development potential, and the objective conditions for the industry to continue to expand its scale and enhance its scale effect still exist. We can believe that the future development center of the world is China, and in 30 years, world-class metal packaging enterprises will be born in China

at present, metal packaging waste is mostly degraded after recycling, which is not fully utilized, and the recycling from tank to tank is not achieved. Therefore, we want to establish a metal packaging recycling alliance, and work closely with the government, relevant industry organizations and upstream and downstream enterprises to make metal packaging waste no longer be degraded, so that it can truly achieve tank to cover and tank to tank recycling, and reduce resource waste and carbon emissions

metal recycling: improvement of foreign social system

China Economic Herald: it is reported that the main experience of metal packaging recycling and recycling in developed countries is to rely on the social system and education guidance. Could you give us a brief introduction

Zhang Hong: according to the development report of multinational companies, the recovery rate of metal packaging in developed countries is about 90%

the social recycling of metal packaging in the United States has reached a very high level. Every household classifies garbage, and the metal cans are specially provided with free green recycling bins by social welfare organizations. Most of the recycling is voluntary, and the government does not have any economic compensation for recycling

according to the implementation of the producer recycling system (EPR) and the law on the promotion of resource conservation and reuse, South Korea has also formulated a series of highly operational provisions, such as recycling methods and standards, and the implementation of recycling obligations. In order to recycle the discarded empty metal cans, 37 recycling companies affiliated to and entrusted by the Korean metal can resources association, a corporate entity, are distributed throughout the country. In 2005, the metal can recycling exhibition hall was built to vividly, vividly, popularly and interactively show the whole process of metal cans from production and circulation, consumption, abandonment, recycling and recycling to children, so that they can be educated from an early age

China is also carrying out relevant work. In terms of the social system and education guidance of metal packaging recycling, the metal packaging recycling and recycling alliance plans to start the recycling education base for Chinese teenagers in the second half of the year. Start with the education of children, organize students to visit the education base, and let them know the process of production, consumption, recycling and resource regeneration of metal packaging in the form of teaching in fun; Establish the awareness of caring for the environment and resources

in addition, the alliance will also choose influential large supermarkets, venues and other public places where people gather to place metal can recycling machines, and print recyclable labels on the metal packaging products of the alliance members, so as to expand the social impact of the alliance and take practical actions to strengthen consumers' awareness of environmental protection. Take the recycling of clean waste in aluminum cans enterprises as a pilot, establish a recycling system, and promote it to other metal packaging when the system is mature

establish an alliance: improve the recycling system

China Economic Herald: in view of the various problems existing in the current metal packaging industry, the metal packaging recycling and recycling alliance was established a few days ago. What is the significance of the establishment of the alliance

Zhang Hong: China has identified the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as a strategic task in the medium and long-term planning of national economic and social development. The way out for the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry is to find a recycling economic road for the recycling and reuse of metal packaging waste, which is also the advantage of metal packaging products

the metal packaging recycling and reuse system is missing, resulting in a serious waste of metal packaging. After the establishment of the metal packaging recycling alliance, which actively grasps the professional knowledge of product skills, prices, technical indicators and recycling, it will focus on metal packaging recycling and reuse, strengthen resource integration, promote the combination of upstream, middle and downstream enterprises of metal packaging, and promote the establishment of recycling system

recycling is the advantage of metal packaging products, and circular economy is the way out for the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry in the future. It is imperative to realize the organization and systematization of the recycling of metal packaging waste. The degraded use of metal packaging waste is a waste of resources, and metal packaging enterprises should dare to undertake the society of recycling and reuse of waste metal packaging

at this stage, few upstream and downstream enterprises in the metal packaging industry take the high-end recycling. Some enterprises return the recycled corner waste to the furnace to make aluminum plates, which are then used to make covers. After the establishment of the alliance, the existing resources will be combined with the characteristics of upstream and downstream enterprises to promote the concept of recycling and reuse, and promote the joint efforts of the whole industry to achieve high-end recycling

After the establishment of the alliance, it will mainly promote the following work: closely focus on the key steps of metal packaging recycling, solve the common and individual problems in the process of recycling, and explore the sustainable development model of metal packaging recycling, industrial chain resource integration, and close connection between upstream and downstream in China; Follow up and investigate the development trend of metal packaging in an all-round way; Put forward reasonable suggestions to the competent government departments, urge the establishment and improvement of relevant industrial policies, and provide more convenience and resources for the sustainable development of the metal packaging industry chain; Set up a special fund for research on the recycling of metal packaging, and take the road of combining production, learning and research; Carry out technical research on recycling of metal cans, improve the overall scientific and technological level of the metal packaging industry, and boost the steady growth of the metal packaging industry; Coordinate and strengthen cooperation among alliance members and with other industrial alliances

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