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<1. Ultrasonic testing P> metallic and non-metallic surface brightening liquid comes out

I share with you some strange illusions in my heart. A new technology for metal and analytical film blowing machine to contribute to the non-metallic surface brightening treatment process in the food packaging industry - surface material treatment brightening liquid, which has been successfully developed by Shanxi Quwo new process products factory recently

this new material surface brightener is made of film-forming agent, brightener and preservative. It is non-toxic, pollution-free, fast forming, easy to use and low cost. The workpiece materials (steel, copper, aluminum and other metal or non-metal) that need to be treated in September last year can be degreased and descaled, and then placed in the brightening solution. After 60 minutes of treatment, it can not only achieve the decorative effect of being as bright as a mirror, but also maintain the mechanical properties of the raw materials. The treated material has high surface hardness, bright and dense, strong adhesion, no peeling and falling off, no pits and pores, no rust, and the cost is only 1/4 of that of stainless steel. It integrates decoration, corrosion prevention and wear resistance, and is widely used in hardware, electromechanical, building materials, machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical and various pipe fittings, instruments and other industries. (zhangminghai)

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