The hottest metal packaging development trend

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Metal packaging development trend

the metal packaging market is rich and colorful, which is based on the vitality brought by the continuous progress of traditional packaging containers on the one hand, and more importantly, in product value and product manufacturing technology. A better enterprise has developed from mainly producing food cans, candy cans, biscuit cans and industrial containers to manufacturing high-performance containers, which constantly arouses the endogenous power of the enterprise, such as spray cans, beverage cans, cosmetics, and even manufacturing packaging containers leading the market trend for perfume packaging. At the same time, exquisite and beautiful metal covers have created business opportunities in metal and non-metal packaging, and pose a threat to traditional packaging methods

we should clearly see that what drives the vitality of the current metal packaging market is the beauty, convenience, value and performance of products, and the environmental protection of packaging materials has increasingly become the focus of attention, which requires designers and manufacturers to use new technologies to meet market requirements. This also shows that metal packaging has a challenging and exciting future

I. diversification of materials

as packaging materials, iron and aluminum have well-known advantages, but compared with new materials, such as plastics and composites, metal materials are inferior in appearance. The strength, integrity and pressure resistance of metal materials have never been a problem, but the diversity of modern packaging materials attracts the attention of designers and salesmen. The competition in the beverage market is fierce. But it is still the largest user of metal packaging. Last year, about seven or eight billion cans were used in Britain. The role of brand is also very important here. People have used various means to attract the attention of consumers. Now we can see many well-known brands on the shelves of supermarkets, which are packaged with concave convex, beautiful appearance and beautifully printed cans. Familiar brands such as stelle Artois, carling, catlsbeg andheineken seized the opportunity to improve their packaging image through technological progress. In the world, various advanced forming technologies have created opportunities for the diversification of packaging shapes, so that designers' novel designs can be put into practice. The use of shaped cans is not only limited to beverage packaging, but also used in the health drinks and beauty products market. In this regard, the appearance impression and quality make the technical state of the equipment reach the requirements of rules and equipment standards in detail. The impression is also important. Therefore, artistic and decorative aerosol cans begin to appear, and multi-channel necking technology is used to form the top and bottom of the cans and the cans of arbitrary shapes

second, there are many + 3 materials in printing engineering without obvious yield point. The continuous demand for appearance impression and brand differentiation has encouraged the use of new printing technologies and other color printing technologies. The most noteworthy is the commercial use of hexachrome system, which uses six colors to meet the needs of chromatography, combined with the precise printing plate making process, so that the quality of metal printing is greatly improved, such as aerosol cans, paint cans, beverage cans have used this new printing technology. Shelf life is only one aspect of packaging material manufacturing and its customers' efforts. Modern lifestyle requires packaging products to be convenient, good performance and low price. Nowadays, the convenience of many metal packaging products is taken for granted. For example, aerosol cans have become an indispensable part of our daily life and have been applied to different fields such as personal care and car maintenance

some other metal packaging materials are simpler and more fashionable than the previous methods. Easy to open lid is a famous example. The revolution of easy to open lid is coming to us at double speed. The can opener used in the old kitchen has become a thing of the past. Easy to open lid was first popularized in pet food, but this technology is so successful that almost all canned food now cannot do without it. The key to the success of this product lies in how to let consumers master the use method, open it in a balanced way and achieve full opening. Therefore, the product is printed with patterns and words to explain how to use it, so that the product tends to be perfect. At present, the consumption of easy to open covers in the world is very large, and the continuous development will continue to improve the performance

continuously improving market competitiveness at low cost is based on the advantages of design and appearance. Nowadays, metal packaging is lighter than before, with faster production speed and better quality. Although the improvement of materials, production technology and process control may not make headlines like a new decoration technology, it will also be spread as important because it meets the needs of customers. Metal packaging has a history of more than 200 years. The arrival of new packaging materials, such as the automatic heating cans of Nestle coffee and the automatic refrigeration cans developed for beverages, illustrates the sustainable development of modern industrial new technologies in new markets. In the 21st century, we will still use a lot of metal packaging

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