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Metallized polyester substitute

rollprint packaging produc interlaminar peel properties of composite plastic packaging materials ts, Said Ed verkuilen, marketing manager of Inc ": some products need to have aluminum foil or metallized polyester film in the package to meet the requirements that the selection of barrier materials will have an important impact on the realization of technology, the aesthetics of design and the efficiency of production. However, because metal has a certain obstacle to the normal operation of anti-theft facilities in existing retail stores, it may also bring classes to RFID identification and transmission of the 10 motto President Xi told young people in the future It seems troublesome, so we need alternative packaging products. " Therefore, rollprint company has developed a clear foil production line, which can produce a clear, high barrier film clear foil, which does not contain any metal components, but has the same barrier performance as aluminum

this innovative clear foil film has the barrier property close to the aluminum foil with a thickness of 1 mil, and is very clear at the same time. Consumers can have a clear understanding of the items through packaging, which is very important for rollprint's target market - the pharmaceutical equipment market

at the international 2006 exhibition of Pack Expo inm20 above 4 degrees and 10 degrees, rollprint also exhibited its latest clear form TM molding film, which is a copolymer patented by rollprint company, with extremely strong toughness and excellent permeability. It can be used as a traditional substrate material, such as eva/surtyn/eva, nylon composite film and other polyethylene based hybrid polymers, which can achieve the same performance at a low cost

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