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Metal packaging: moving forward in difficulties (II)

the impact of metal packaging design on shopping decisions

today, with the rapid development of the retail industry, a variety of consumer goods are packed on the shelves of stores and supermarkets, and all kinds of product packaging are dizzying. How to make our products stand out among many products is not enough to only attract the attention of consumers, but also to see whether the packaging of products can promote consumers' buying behavior, which has become the leading idea of packaging design today

as an important packaging form of consumer goods, metal packaging has been integrated with commodities. As the carrier of realizing commodity value and use value, it plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, circulation, sales and consumption. Its function is to protect commodities, convey commodity information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, and promote sales. It has the duality of the combination of commodities and art. Its development and changes in design also represent the development trend of the whole product packaging field to a certain extent

during the international metal packaging conference held in Essen, Germany, in April this year, Professor Joan Maar and several other professionals in product packaging put forward some new theories on how product packaging affects consumers' purchase decisions. They have made an in-depth interpretation and analysis of product packaging in the international market, and put forward several issues that should be paid attention to in the design of metal packaging

when designing product packaging, we should consider consumers' shopping factors

in order to promote consumers' purchasing behavior, we must first understand what kind of thinking and decision-making process consumers go through before they produce shopping behavior

professor johnmar (Decision Research Center of Leeds College, Harvard University) put forward a two process theory on the decision-making process of consumers when purchasing consumer goods. He divided consumers into two types: initiating and analytical, and focused on initiating consumers. In Joan? In Professor MAHL's theory, he described this group of people as follows: vulnerable to the influence of packaging, external information becomes more influential, and they are usually simple and unconscious when making purchase decisions. The patterns on some product packages, or the recommendations of shopping guides, may contribute to their buying behavior, and these processes are often realized in a passive state, with little rational analysis and comparison

what is the proportion of consumers with hair style in the actual situation? After investigation, Professor sakakida, a brand design consultant, pointed out that shoppers do not think logically when shopping. 80% of the feedback information shows that they rely more on feelings, that is, the thinking of the right brain, and generate the impulse of "I want" through "I like". This is the first process in the two process theory proposed by Professor joanmar. The heuristic thinking process is a passive shopping impulse stimulated by some promotional information in the product packaging; Then, through the logical analysis of the left brain, take the initiative to think about "what is this", and finally form a decision whether to buy or not. The famous DuPont law points out that about 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging and environment of goods if there is torque value. It is precisely because of this that the current market economy is called eyeball economy. Only by attracting the attention of consumers can brands be accepted by consumers and products be purchased by consumers. Packaging has determined the consumer behavior of whether to buy or not. Usually, the early market performance can be judged from the packaging of new products. Therefore, enterprises must take advantage of the impact of packaging to complete their product promotion and brand building

what businesses need to do is to balance the thinking that the use of these two plastics in the brain has increased by 210 times. On the one hand, they need to provide distinctive visual effects to stimulate consumers' shopping needs; On the other hand, we should also provide consumers with reasonable shopping reasons. These reasons do not explain the characteristics of the product, because it is from the perspective of the manufacturer, but should say what benefits this product can bring to consumers. The point of interest is what consumers really care about. We must let them know what problems can be solved and what benefits can be brought by buying this product. This is also the reason why they buy this product

product packaging must be analyzed and designed from a correct perspective

so from what perspective should we carry out product packaging design

on the one hand, we should consider three w's in the design process, namely, who, when, when and what to do; On the other hand, we should also have a good understanding of the role and basic principles of products. The former is to think about how the packaging should be done and what they want from the perspective of consumers; The latter is to start from the product itself, find out the attributes of the product, that is, the so-called product selling points, and then organically combine the two

in addition, the packaging design of products can also be considered from other perspectives

* similar packaging strategies. The enterprise uses the same pattern, similar color, the same packaging material and the same shape to pack the products produced by the stress cutting machine made by the enterprise using the fatigue fracture characteristics of metal, so that customers can identify the products of the enterprise. For customers who are loyal to the enterprise, similar packaging undoubtedly plays a promotional role

* supporting packaging strategy. According to the consumption habits of consumers in various countries, several related products are packaged together for complete supply, which is convenient for consumers to buy, use and carry, and can also expand the sales of products

* reuse packaging strategy. It refers to that after the product in the package is used up, the package has other uses. For example, perfume bottles of various shapes can be used as decorations, and exquisite food boxes can also be reused. This packaging strategy can make consumers feel that one thing is multi-purpose and cause their desire to buy, and the reuse of packaging also plays a role in advertising products

* complimentary packaging strategy. Record that the commodity packaging is re attached with lottery tickets or real objects, or the packaging itself can be exchanged for gifts, attracting the patronage effect of customers, resulting in repeated purchases; Change packaging strategy. That is to change and abandon the original product packaging and use new packaging. Due to the continuous updating of packaging technology and packaging materials, consumers' preferences are constantly changing, and new packaging is adopted to make up for the shortcomings of the original packaging

several steps that should be followed in product packaging design

experts put forward the following views on how to carry out packaging design:

first of all, start with the design of trademarks on packaging. When consumers come into contact with the trademark, their intuitive sense is that it is "related to my life", which can strengthen the publicity of packaging in the form of package, advertisement, promotion, or direct mail, as well as enhance consumers' impression of the brand by explaining the origin and meaning of the trademark to consumers

secondly, several problems that should be paid attention to in the process of packaging design:

* can reflect good quality

* the design of packaging has a sense of the times and popular trend

* choose attractive colors

* the design of product appearance should be able to attract the attention of consumers

* trademarks are easy to identify

* the product specifications should be designed to be easy to use, such as easy to transport, take, open, close, store at home, decompose, and protect the contents

thirdly, a successful product packaging design is to enable consumers to fully understand the functions and characteristics of the product after seeing the packaging. The packaging of a product cannot only require beautiful design, but also enable the product to speak by itself, and appropriately express the functions and characteristics of the product. The size of its communication power in front of consumers directly affects the performance of a product in the market

next, we take the research on the shape of metal packaging as an example to discuss how to package products. We divide it into three stages

phase I: capacity research and industry confirmation. This stage emphasizes the feasibility study of packaging improvement, and considers the practical standards and specifications of packaging capacity, material, height, etc. from a professional perspective

the second stage: consumer analysis. At this stage, after subdividing the target consumer group of the market, analyze the lifestyle and activity behavior of consumers, and find out the suitability between the new packaging design and the needs of target consumers

stage III: Research on objectives. In this stage, the purchase motivation of target consumers, the expected value of product packaging and the confusion of existing packaging design are integrated, the functions of metal packaging are listed, and the expected metal packaging is described to study the market adaptability of packaging design and confirm the choices consumers will make

the above steps objectively point out how to design packaging. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish. The design of packaging should not follow others, but have your own ideas - innovative ideas that meet the requirements of packaging specifications. We must observe and understand the shopping behavior of consumers. The popular trend of packaging combined with the opportunity of product development to form the concept of packaging design, so that the design has been updated and developed

what direction will the design ideas develop in the future after cracks are found in product packaging

the rapid economic development in recent years, on the one hand, has brought people a rich material life, on the other hand, it has also brought pressure to people's life in all aspects: the pace of life is constantly improving, and there is less and less time for shopping. People live in a world full of advertisements, and the complex advertising environment makes too much noise. The goods are extremely rich, and people face too many choices

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