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China's metal packaging market pattern and problems existing in the industry (Part 2)

III. problems existing in China's metal packaging industry 1. Lack of high-end products. At present, in the market, the production capacity of two-piece cans, three piece beverage cans, crown caps, and chemical barrels below 18L is excessive, and the capacity of high-quality and high-end products is obviously insufficient. There are too few enterprises that can produce small capacity, ultra-thin cans, special-shaped cans and boutique cans suitable for the effect of supermarket shelves. The single type of cans is difficult to meet the requirements of further development of packaging, which restricts the development of metal packaging. 2. The industrial concentration is low, and the metal packaging industry is also dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises. Common phenomena exist, such as small scale, low degree of intensification, low-level repeated construction, assimilation of quality structure, price competition, etc. There are about 60 domestic enterprises with an annual consumption of more than 10000 tons of tinplate, and COFCO Meite (including Wuxi Huapeng bottle cap and Guangzhou Panyu Meite), a domestic leading enterprise, consumes 7. 5% of tinplate annually 50000 tons, with production and sales of 800million yuan. In addition to COFCO Meite, there are also large-scale enterprises such as Beijing org Xinmei group, Fujian Shengxing group, Fujian Jiamei group, Sanshui Jianlibao can making company, Haikou coconut can making company, Shanghai Meilin can making group, which still lags far behind the large-scale enterprises in developed countries. 3. Most of the equipment in the metal container industry that is excessively dependent on imports is imported. At present, the international mainstream equipment has developed in the direction of digitalization, networking, high-speed, low consumption, more environmental protection and humanization, noodles "Guoliang copper high conductivity corrosion-resistant copper alloy functional new materials have just been mass produced in August, which poses serious energy and environmental challenges, while China's dependence on imports of major metal packaging equipment and materials has not been fundamentally changed. It is suggested that the competent machinery manufacturing departments should pay attention to improving the performance of packaging machinery and equipment, strive for less imports, which is conducive to saving foreign exchange. In addition to iron printing equipment and aerosol tank equipment, the introduction of other equipment should be cautious to avoid duplication introduction. According to a survey of the metal packaging industry, the annual demand for aluminum cans has hovered around 7billion in recent years, and the annual demand for cold-rolled steel barrels is about 60million. Metal cans are made of tinplate cold pressed plates and aluminum plates, which belong to high-tech packaging materials. 20064. 1.5 million tons of tinplate were purchased for the bulk metal container industry, a considerable part of which came from imported plates; In addition, importing raw boards from abroad and processing tin plating at home have made the country pay a lot of foreign exchange. 4. The waste of resources is serious. Because the current economic growth mode of China's packaging industry is still extensive, the consumption of resources is large, which is twice the world average level and 4. 5% of that of the United States 3 times, Japan's 11 5 times. The energy consumption per unit of GDP in China is 4 times that of the United States, and the foundation quality is much 40 times that of the pendulum, and 7 times that of Japan. For metal packaging, the power consumption of iron aluminum packaging materials (containers of the same volume) iron is 0 7kw/h, 3kw/h for aluminum, and the energy consumption ratio is much greater than that of other packaging materials. At present, the country has not formed a complete set of effective mechanisms and relevant policies for recycling packaging waste, so the recycling rate of waste is low and the waste of resources is serious. 4、 Promote the development of China's metal packaging industry. 1. Develop industry brands. At present, the key to the development of metal packaging enterprises is how to get out of the shadow of low-level, homogeneous and price competition, and transition to the competition of differences, scale, internationalization and high value-added products. Many large domestic enterprises have made successful explorations. COFCO Hangzhou Meiwu, ORG canmaking, Fujian Shengxing, Shanghai Meilin canmaking, etc. follow the group and large-scale development model: Taking COFCO Hangzhou as an example, from a single regional brand company in Hangzhou, it rapidly expanded to South China, East China and North China within one year, radiating the pattern of the national market, and became the development and production base of iron printing packaging containers of China Packaging Federation. With Beijing as the leader, org can manufacturing Co., Ltd. now has a number of joint ventures or joint ventures in Hainan, Beijing, Shandong, Xinjiang and other branches, which is also a model of integration. The Tianbao hardware products factory in Dongguan has an export-oriented one-stop development mode: focusing on design services, OEM processing and overseas markets, with small investment and large output, it has become a large enterprise of gift packaging, stationery and office supplies. 2. To promote technological innovation, the designs and varieties of metal packaging products should be constantly updated, and new packaging products with lighter weight, less materials, more environmental protection and more visual charm should be developed. The thickness of tinplate for general production in China is 0 16- 0. 28mm, while iron printing products in developed countries have entered the ultra-thin era, using 0 12mm or even thinner sheet and micro roll sealing technology are used to make cans, barrels and covers. It is said that it has been successfully developed in Taiwan, China province of China and Japan. It can be directly heated by fire, barbecue cans, microwave cans, etc. These new technologies require enterprises to explore from domestic and foreign markets, especially to strengthen exchanges with advanced countries and gradually narrow the gap, so as to promote the development of China's metal packaging industry as soon as possible and move from a large packaging country to a powerful packaging country. 3. Improve product quality. China's metal packaging and can making technology has approached the international level. At present, efforts should be made to improve product quality, use ultra-thin tinplate and aluminum, carry out technical transformation and develop new products, and solve the most important problems of food and beverage cans, such as can leakage, easy to open cover and easy to damage pull rings, so as to make great efforts to improve the quality of various products

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