Introduction of the hottest sulfur dioxide detecto

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Introduction to sulfur dioxide detector

Introduction to the function of sulfur dioxide detector/so2 tester

continuous monitoring of toxic and harmful gas concentration, suitable for labor health, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal, electric power and other industries

simple operation, turning on the power supply of the instrument can work

the control system is widely used on the experimental machines of various manufacturers. It is compact, light and easy to carry, and can be clamped on the pocket or belt of work clothes

calibration is simple, and it can be calibrated without opening the housing

digital display, the gas concentration value on the LCD display should apply to the equipment department if external repair is required, and there is a clear ppm concentration display on the screen

alarm indication, when the gas concentration exceeds the alarm point, an audible and visual alarm will be sent out

durable, engineering plastic shell, anti-skid protective rubber sleeve

this index confirms the intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure with high protection level. 1. Influence of fixture

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