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The three-step process of changing the packaging of branded drugs

the impact is gradually emerging

the universal material testing machine commonly used in the national food and drug market at present mainly has two series. The "Regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels" (order 24) issued by the State Administration of food and drug administration has been implemented, and its main purpose is to regulate the current chaotic drug instructions and internal and external labels. The order makes detailed provisions on the contents of the external packing box: general name, trade name, the size and location of the trademark, various fonts, font sizes, colors, etc., especially that the trademark and trade name shall not be greater than the general name. According to order 24, the vast majority of OTC drugs and prescription drugs are facing changes in packaging. At present, all enterprises' old packaging products have at least three months of inventory in the market, "Liu said, adding that the products in the channel are still old packaging, so the impact of changing packaging on production enterprises and circulation enterprises will gradually appear

one of the effects: the old packaging is invalid, and the cost increases. Since the old packaging products cannot be reproduced and delivered from July 1, the old packaging boxes and instructions will be invalid. For the packaging boxes and instructions with large print volume and large inventory, the cost will naturally be lost

impact 2: the mode of brand communication will be changed. Order No. 24 expressly stipulates that the commodity name cannot be written with the common name, its font and color shall not be more prominent and prominent than the common name, and its single word area shall not be greater than half of the common name font

in addition, it is also stipulated that if a drug label uses a registered trademark, it should be printed on the left corner of the drug label (including the drug box). If it contains words, the single word area of the font should not be greater than one quarter of the name used in the common name

the above two directly block the way to use trade names and trademarks to highlight their own brands or imitate famous brands. For enterprises that want to shape OTC and health product brands with advertisements, they will pay a greater price in the future

impact 3: the difficulty of terminal sales increases. Because consumers have a basic impression of the original product packaging, after changing the packaging, consumers will feel strange in the short term, and even think that pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies sell fake products. If the price changes again, consumers' mistrust will be strengthened, which will inevitably lead to a decline in product sales in the short term, and it will be more difficult for salespeople to recommend. Another possibility is the listing of new packaging, resulting in unsalable backlog of old packaging

random timely response

the author believes that the above negative effects can be eliminated. If the fault is eliminated, as long as it is handled properly, the trouble caused by the alternation of the old and the new can be minimized

1. Grasp the listing opportunity of new packaging. As for the listing opportunity, enterprises should pay attention to the following four aspects:

try to shorten the time of the replacement of new and old packaging. The longer the replacement of old and new packaging lasts, the greater the impact on consumers, the old products may be unsalable, and the new products may also be accepted slowly. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the listing time of new packaging according to the inventory of old packaging on the market

try to fully expand the sales scope and region of the new packaging. After being fully rolled out in a short time, we can quickly complete the recognition of the alternation between the old and the new, and eliminate regional differences

pay attention to staggering the new and old alternation time of other enterprises. It is suggested to adopt two strategies: either start listing their own new packaging as soon as possible before most enterprises' new packaging is listed, so that advertising, promotion, communication and other measures are less disturbed; Or the new packaging can be put on the market at the latest, because at this time, most enterprises have completed the replacement of the old and new packaging, the salesperson also knows, and consumers will also know that it is easier to accept the replacement of packaging

one time replacement, taking the opportunity to improve the packaging grade

2. Do a good job in the communication of new packaging in all links of the channel and improve the channel cognition

internal publicity and communication of the enterprise: clearly inform all personnel of the company's marketing departments of the old and new differences, and take an examination to strengthen their memory, so that they can answer the differences between the new and old packaging casually. This is the premise of outward communication

print more new packages and send them to the purchasing and sales personnel of each commercial company, as well as the warehouse keeper and the consignor, through their own sales personnel and business personnel, to personally inform them of the differences between the old and the new, especially the identification methods

hold a channel ordering press conference and effectively disseminate relevant information at the conference

it is the most important link to visit and explain the chain drugstore clerks and conduct special training. Finally, explain to consumers that it is the clerk who changes the package, and the clerk is the key link to dispel consumers' doubts. Therefore, the link of warning and communication to the clerk must be grasped and solved. It is suggested that in addition to a large number of new packaging boxes, a prize winning Q & a volume can be made. The front side is the comparison of the differences between the old and new packaging, with special emphasis on the characteristics of the new packaging and color picture annotations, and the reverse side is the prize winning Q & A questions. Ask the salesperson to fill in the blanks about the packaging differences to deepen his impression, add other product knowledge, and then take it back and draw a lottery

3. Carry out effective media communication and inform consumers that media communication should be strengthened to let consumers know the new packaging products as soon as possible. In fact, changing the packaging is not necessarily all negative effects. For example, some tensile testing machine tests: famous brand products have more than 10 fake packaging, which looks almost indistinguishable at a glance. If you take the opportunity to increase publicity, you can distinguish them from these imitations; On the contrary, if we do not do large-scale new packaging advertising and terminal instructions, we may be preempted by those fast-moving counterfeit products, which will again cause misunderstanding among consumers

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