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Introduction to the new programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine

features of the new programmable constant temperature and humidity testing machine:

high texture appearance, the body adopts arc shape, the surface is treated with fog surface stripes, and adopts a flat non reaction handle, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable. The rectangular multi-layer glass viewing window can be used for experimental crystal observation in the test. The window is equipped with anti perspiration electric cooker installed in Kunming new airport. Due to the function of this important clear experimental machine, the terminal can prevent water vapor condensation and water droplets, and the high brightness PL fluorescent lamp can maintain the lighting in the box

it has test holes, which can be externally connected with test power cables or signals, and the upper and lower adjustable storage trays. The double-layer isolation of the box door is airtight and tight, which can effectively isolate the internal temperature leakage. With an external water supply system, it is convenient to supplement the water supply of the humidification bucket and automatically recycle it

the compressor circulation system adopts the French Taikang brand, which can more effectively remove the lubricating oil between the condensing pipe and the crude bundle pipe, and the whole series adopts the United States Lianxing environmental protection refrigerant R404; The controller adopts the illcd display screen, which can display the measured value and the set value at the same time. The time + controller has multiple programs, and the temperature and humidity can be controlled by quick Ouick or slope slope slope

the built-in mobile pulley is easy to move and place, and has a strong positioning screw to fix the position

the sensor of the new programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber is calibrated in sections: in the traditional instrument calibration, due to the incomplete linearity of the sensor, there are often high temperature accuracy and low temperature inaccuracy, which calibrates the low temperature and affects the high temperature, so it is difficult to take into account. This controller provides a four section calibration function, high, medium and low temperature independent calibration, without affecting each other

new programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber intelligent test object safety protection measures: when the air element breaks down, the temperature is uncontrolled and keeps rising, which poses a major threat to the safety of the test object, especially the valuable test object will cause irreparable losses. In addition to the traditional over temperature protection function, this equipment also specially designed the friction wheel protection function for the test object. When the measured temperature is 5 ℃ higher than the set temperature, Why is it cheap to cut off the main power supply of the heating circuit and the temperature is locked, thus protecting the test object

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