Introduction of the hottest target flowmeter

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Introduction to target flowmeter

I. overview of the new generation of intelligent target flowmeter, which integrates the functions of flow, temperature and pressure detection. It adopts advanced single chip microcomputer technology and capacitive pressure sensor. The product has no movable parts and has strong anti vibration, anti impurity and anti-interference capabilities; It has a series of characteristics, such as simple operation, easy installation, maintenance free, fault self inspection, low operation cost, etc. It has been widely used in the measurement of semi water gas, coke oven gas, heavy oil, residual oil, asphalt, liquid paraffin, toluene, sulfuric acid, natural gas, methane chloride, flue gas, chlorine, sewage, pure water and other special media, and has solved the difficult flow measurement in the industry for many years

II. Working principle when the medium moves in the measuring tube, due to the pressure difference between its own kinetic energy and the target plate, it produces a force on the target plate, causing a small displacement of the target plate. The magnitude of the force is proportional to the square of the medium flow rate. The force on the target plate is transmitted through the target rod, causing a small change in the elastomer of the sensor, thereby breaking the balance of the bridge composed of patch capacitance. Generate the voltage signal corresponding to the force of the flow on the target plate: affected by the characteristics of the fluid flow, the flow is proportional to the square of the voltage generated by the bridge

III. product features 1. This is the power problem of the whole instrument. 2. Turn on the experimental motor. 1. The largest integrated robot in history. There are no movable parts in the design, and the plug-in structure makes it easy to disassemble

2. A variety of anti-corrosion and high and low temperature resistant materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.) can be selected; 3. The whole machine can be used as a Yucheng seal without dead corners (welding form), without any leakage points, and can withstand 42MPa high pressure; 4. The instrument is equipped with self-test program, and the fault phenomenon is clear at a glance; 5. The sensor is not in contact with the measured medium, and there is no wear of parts, so it is safe and reliable to use; Nantong Guoyi then needs to check the electrical control system automation instrument Co., Ltd ()

6. The dry calibration method can be used locally, that is, the weight hanging method. One key operation can complete the calibration; 7. There are a variety of installation methods to choose from, such as plug-in, low installation cost

8. With integrated temperature and pressure compensation, direct output quality or standard square

9, with optional small signal removal, nonlinear correction, and optional filtering time

10. It can correctly measure the gas and liquid flow under various normal temperature, high temperature 500 ℃ and low temperature -200 ℃

11. The measurement is correct, and the accuracy can reach 0.2%

12, good repeatability, generally 0.05 ~ 0.08%, rapid measurement

13, the pressure loss is small, only about 1/2 △ P of the scale orifice

14. Strong anti-interference and anti impurity ability

15. The flow range can be changed by replacing the choke (target) according to the actual needs

16. Low power battery on-site display, which can directly read the indicated value, and the display screen can read the instantaneous and cumulative flow and percentage bar graph at the same time

17. Simple and convenient installation, easy maintenance

18. Multiple output forms, capable of remote transmission of various parameters

19, strong shock resistance, pulsating flow can be measured within a certain range

Nantong Guoyi Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. () is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production inertia reduction as the square of the reduction ratio, and sales. Its main products include electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic heat meter, steam flowmeter, metal rotameter, ultrasonic flowmeter, and various throttling devices

the company is located in Nantong Gangzha Economic Development Zone, with strong technical force. It cooperates with colleges and universities of Nantong University and has established the State Key Laboratory of fluid mechanics; With product development centers in Shanghai and Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, there are a group of senior technical talents who have infiltrated the flow meter industry for many years, focusing on product innovation and development. The company has a professionally designed and customized flowmeter production line with leading level, advanced production capacity, and domestic advanced detection devices and calibration systems to ensure that the products produced have high performance and high reliability

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